Shojiko Retreat

Sivananda Shojiko Retreat is a yoga retreat facility of “International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers”, and is located at the lakeside of Shojiko, one of the 5 lakes surrounding Mt. Fuji.

We offer daily yoga class, morning satsang including guided meditation, and various courses for yoga beginners, yoga practitioners, and spiritual seekers. Teachers with International certification offer programs in the ideal environment close to the nature.
Please come visit us to experience healthy yogic lifestyle in the ashram settings.

We are open all-year round except mid-winter.  Closing dates in 2024 are January 5th to March 31st.

Daily Schedule (excluding during special programs)
  • 6:30 am………….Wake-up
  • 7:00 am-8:00 am………….Satsang or walking meditation
  • 8:30 am-10:00 am………….Yoga Class
  • 10:00 am……….Brunch
  • 4:00 pm-5:30 pm…………Yoga Class
  • 6:00 pm…………Dinner
  • 8:00 pm…………Arati
  • 11:00 pm……….Lights Out

Programs are all optional for the guests.

*The cost for 90 min. yoga class with an instructor is 1,500 JPY. You may join our 90 min. online class with the cost of 500 JPY.

*You are welcome to join us for the Satsang or walking meditation in the morning with no extra cost.

*Brunch is served at 10:00 am and dinner at 6:00 pm. which cost 1,000 JPY / meal. We serve vegetarian food. We are able to serve vegan meals upon request.

*There are many tourist spots including hot spring and trekking path around Shojiko Retreat. We can prepare a lunch box on your request.


Sivananda Shojiko Retreat Rules
    1. Try to participate morning satsangs as much as possible.
    2. Participation in at least one asana class daily is recommended.
    3. No meat, fish, non-prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, eggs, garlic or onions are allowed.
    4. No candles, incense, fire or matches to be used anywhere in the facility.
    5. No nudity. Modest dress is required at all times.
    6. Complete QUIET at meditation time, 7 am-7.30 am. 
    7. No noise in house after 10pm. Light out is at 11pm.
    8. BATHROOMS are shared with other guests, so be considerate of time using bathroom, especially before morning meditation. Get up earlier if you prefer to shower in the morning.
    9. Throw nothing in TOILETS but moderate amount of toilet paper (no tampons). Keep bathrooms clean and  remove personal items.
    10. KITCHEN and kitchen facilities are basically off limits except for staff and assigned karma yogis.
    11. Hot water (in the electric kettle) and a jug of drinking water are available on the shelf in the living room.  There are cups and teas on the bottom shelf. Please help yourself to the drinks.
    12. Wi-Fi is available. Please ask for the password.
    13. The land surrounding the retreat is private. Please note the limits of the facility grounds and take care not to walk on our neighbours’ property.
    14. KARMA YOGA duties are assigned for those staying more than 2 nights. Please ask any staff for an available duty you can help.
    15. Please use only your designated room. You cannot change rooms without authorization.
    16. No personal possessions in community areas.
Dress Code

Sivananda Shojiko Retreat is a facility of Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centers, which is a traditional yoga lineage. As a spiritual teaching, the focus is on personal development while minimizing the focus on external, physical appearance. To encourage an internal focus, we ask that the following dress code be followed by male and female students:

・Keep shoulders covered (no bare sleeveless tops or tank tops)
・Neck-lines need to cover the chest (no low cut tops)
・Wear loose, comfortable clothing for movement and proper breathing (no tight fitting clothes)
・Make sure tops are long enough to tuck into the trousers (no bare midriffs)
・Wear loose trousers (no tights)
・Knee-length shorts can be worn outside during karma yoga(selfless service), but please do not wear shorts during asana class or during satsang
・No nudity

Arrival and Departure

Check-in time 2:00PM
Check-out time 12:00PM

Time of arrival / departure is for the room preparation only. You are welcome to arrive/depart earlier or later.

We provide

Bedding, bath towel, face towel,body soap, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryer. Please bring your own toiletries including toothbrush and sleeping wear. Yoga mat rental are available for free of charge.

What to wear

Since Shojiko Retreat is located at the higher altitude, temperature is lower than Tokyo. Please bring warm clothes includes sleeping wear.


Accommodation: 5,500 JPY / night / person
Lunch or Dinner: 1,000 JPY
Breakfast: 500 JPY
Asana class: 1,500 JPY / class / person

Directions to Sivananda Shojiko Retreat

By public transportation

1.Take highway bus to “Kawaguchiko station” then take local bus to “Shoji”.

There are many bus lines available from Kanto area as well as Kansai or even Kyushu area to reach “Kawaguchiko station” all year round . Also a few direct buses from Narita or Haneda airport are available. Please refer to the following links

After arriving at Kawaguchiko station, take local bus and get off at “Shoji” bus stop. You may take “Blue line” buses leaving from # 1 bus station or another local buses going to “Motosu lake” or “Shinfuji staion” which leave from #4 bus station.

For the timetable of local buses, please refer to the PDF timetable of Fujikyu bus “Blue line” and ” Shinfuji station or Motosu lake ” bound.

An article of how to take a local bus may be helpful for you.

From the bus stop “Shoji”

Walk toward the restaurant ‘Kotobuki’ which is located next to the guesthouse ‘Murahamasou’. Pass the restaurant then turn to the left. Then turn to the left again after the facility with metal fence at the left. Go straight about 20m. You will find a two story building with red roof and yellow sign on the roof top on your right.

Tips for the local bus ride
  • There are not frequent buses between Kawaguchiko station and Shoji bus stop. Please check bus schedule in advance.
  • It costs 1020 yen from Kawaguchiko station to Shoji bus stop. Please make sure you have enough change or a 1,000 yen bill in case larger bills are not accepted. Some buses accept IC cards such as SUICA and PASMO.
  • If you stay with us one night only or you have a plan to visit tourist attractions such as Kawaguchiko or Saiko area the day after your arrival (or the day before your departure), there is a 2-day unlimited bus ride ticket available at ¥1,500. You may use this ticket for the Red line, Green line and Blue line route . Ticket is available at the “Sight seeing Bus Ticket Counter” right in front of Kawaguchiko station.
  • It takes about 40 minutes from Kawaguchiko to Shoji. Buses tend to be delayed so please wait patiently.
  • Please make sure that you get off at the “Shoji” bus stop, NOT “Shojiko Iriguchi (entrance)”,  which is far from our place.
  • Be careful not to miss the last local bus (Leaving Kawaguchiko Station at 18:08). It will cost about 7,000 JPY to reach the Shojiko Retreat by taxi.

2.There are 2 direct highway bus from Shinjuku bus terminal bound to Motosu Lake in July and August.

8:45 depature: Get off at “Shoji- Kohan” then turn back the way your bus has came for about 10 minutes to find “Restaurant Kotobuki” on the left side. Follow the instruction above after reaching the r (estaurant.

11:45 deprature: Get off at Fuketsu (13:58), then change to the local buses (14:04, 14,31, to Shoji.15:31) bound to Motosuko and get off at Shoji.

3. Take a train to “Kawaguchiko Station” then take a local bus as instructed above. Please refer to the Fujikyu railway website :

From Chubu or Kansai area

You may take Shinkansen to “Shinfuji station” and take local bus bound to Mt. Fuji station then get off at “Shoji” bus stop. It will take about 90 min. from “Shinfuji station” to “Shoji”.Please check the link to the time table.

By car

・Tomei Highway (from Tokyo area):Exit at Gotenba IC and take Route 138 towards Kawaguchiko (Lake Kawaguchi). Turn right at the traffic light ‘Akaike’ towards Shojiko (Lake Shoji).

・Shin Tomei Highway(from Nagoya area):Exit at Shin Fuji IC and take Route 139 towards Kawaguchiko. Turn left at the traffic light ‘Akaike’ towards Shojiko.

・Chuo Highway: Exit at Kawaguchiko IC and take Route 139 towards Motosuko (Lake Motosu). Turn right at the traffic light ‘Akaike’ towards Shojiko (Lake Shoji).Turn right at the corner of a restaurant ‘Kotobuki’, which is located along the Lake Shoji. Then,go straight and turn left before a tunnel ahead of you. As you move forward, you will find Shojiko Retreat on your right which is two- story house with red roof.

Please inform us of your arrival by car in advance since the parking space is limited.
There tends to be much traffic on the road between Kawaguchiko IC and Shojiko during holiday seasons like ‘golden week’ and ‘a cherry blossom festival’. We suggest to take an alternative route to avoid the traffic.

How to make reservation

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Sivananda Shojiko Retreat

Address: 789 Shoji, Fujikawaguchiko-Machi, Minamitsuru-Gun, Yamanashi-Ken, Japan 401-0336

Phone: 0555-87-2250

Email: shojiko* (Please change *into @)

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